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What’s Behind The Name

Why Bloom? What’s behind the name?

We wanted our name to mean something, to help cast vision for what we do and what we hope to do. We had been going back and forth on names for our business, for at least a month, unable to quite capture all that we wanted in one name. Everything we looked up, taken – we like the ideas of hope, building blocks, movement…nothing seemed perfect. Until….

One day, Melissa was working and looked up from her desk at her calendar and saw the flowers. She was instantly reminded how hard seasons bring beauty and that we want to help our patients bloom in the hard season. Hence, our business name, Bloom! The scripture that paired with the flowers was:

“The desert will burst into bloom and all will see the glory of the Lord” -Isaiah 35:2

What a beautiful image. Can you imagine? We pray and hope that those who walk into our office bloom, have hope and healing and believe it to be possible because the Lord is at work in all things. Through our gifts we have been given we are here to help you bloom.

Bloom Concierge Physical Therapy

"We Partner With Parents To Help Children Gain Confidence, Independence & Reclaim Their Childhood... Even If Nothing Else Has Helped."