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Shoe Recommendations

Does my child need to wear SHOES?

Yes and No. I know, not the answer you maybe wanted. It’s important to have your child stand and walk in and out of shoes. It’s important for them to develop sensory input and stability. Sometimes kids need a little extra support and often the perfect shoe can help!

Finding shoes that support your child’s development can feel overwhelming, but we are here to help. Here are some tips and some shoes that we love!

How to choose the right shoe:

  1. Rigid Shoe – something with structure
  2. Deep heel cup so the foot isn’t sliding out of the shoe
  3. That the bottom of the shoe to be straight (not curved)
  4. The shoe should not easily bend in the middle of the shoe, but should have a little “give” just before where the toes are.

Shoes for New Walkers:

Wobbly Waddlers: sizes 3 – 7.5 have sandals and sneakers Find them here

Geox Rigid Shoe: baby, toddler and grade school Find them here

Stride Rite: Find them here (the soft motion line is great for early walkers)

Shoes that Fit Over Braces:

Billy Shoes at Target: Find them here (nice zip up feature)

New Balance 888: Find them here

IkiKi Squeaker Shoes: Find them here (nice feedback to get the heels down)                                                                                        

Also check out Zappos Adaptive for more options for AFO’s!

Physical Therapy and Other Treatment Options

A little pronation (collapse at arch) is completely normal for a child just learning to stand or walk. It takes time to develop and move out of this.

Practicing standing on one foot, turning while standing can help develop strength and balance to a child’s foot.

When to Schedule Physical Therapy

If your child has been walking for 3-6 months and still having a lot of difficulty with stability at the ankle or you can’t find a good shoe schedule an appointment with us and we can provide you with the tools you need to help your child. If your child has been standing for a while but not taking those steps we can help you figure out how to press them forward to taking those steps.

Contact us today at 806-252-4553 to see us at our Houston or Woodlands location!

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