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Pediatric Pelvic Floor Therapy: Incontinence

Pelvic Floor Therapy is what you are looking for if…

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then rest assured, You Are In The Right Place! Physical Therapy can help achieve improved bowel and bladder functioning.

We know that choosing how to treat your child’s incontinence is an important decision – after it all it affects daily life. We are humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to walk alongside you in this process and get you results. Let us help you get your child the confidence and independence you desire for them. There are solutions to help!
Many children suffer from incontinence and parents feel helpless because what they’ve tried hasn’t helped…

The truth about incontinence is:

At Bloom Concierge we’ve created a 3 step process for your child’s incontinence treatment


Step #1 - We Want To Listen To Your Child’s Story…And Your Concerns

Step #2 - Find Out WHY Your Child’s Incontinence Issues Started

Step #3 - Get Rid Of Incontinence & Keep It From Coming Back

This is when the big transformations occur. We develop a personalized incontinence treatment plan that allows your child to…
Want to know more about our availability and costs before making any commitments for constipation issues treatment?

Our incontinence treatment services are performed by licensed board certified professionals, trained to give only the best and most reliable incontinence treatment to our clients.

At Bloom Concierge, you’re in great hands. We aspire to empower our patients and their families and celebrate success alongside them!